Things that matter…

Few days back I went to the boat club and to my amazement, there was hardly any family there !! And then I recollected my past, a few years ago, when the public places of recreation used to be filled with families with their faces beaming with happiness reflecting their jolly spirits….

Modern Technology is a menace that has changed the equilibrium of an Indian family and there upon of the whole society. The gadgets such as smart phones, i-pods, tablets, etc have gripped us completely under their clutches.

An A.C.Nielson Report concluded that 54% of kids, aged 4-6, preferred to spend time with T.V. rather with their parents. Also, according to a research from Microsoft Advertising, it has been found that one in the three families regularly use smartphones or tablets to talk to each other when in the same house.

Such reports are shocking. The human has developed technologies to mount over the complications of his life. But the same technology has reduced the healthy communications to its minimal level.

The time that the family used to spend together is now been replaced by active participation on Facebook and Whatsapp, etc. People find it easier to make and maintain virtual relationships than the real ones. This has altered the entire existing social system and entangled the social fabric as well.

Few years back Facebook was a medium to reach the distant people. And undoubtedly it has done a fabulous job in reuniting us with our forgotten dear ones but the harmful impact it created is not deniable. It connected us with our past but detached us from the present !

And it is not just the young generation, but our wise elders equally spending a lot of time on social media to an extent that they forget to spend quality time with their children which creates a mix feeling of distress and envy in them.

The increasing cases of suicides caused due to depression, social bullying, marital imbalance resulting into divorce proves the same. “ The machine does not isolate man from the great problems of nature but plunges him more deeply into them…”

The solution is not to throw away all your gizmos and stay glued to your family like a bee on a flower. The thing to be remembered is whenever you have your family around, spend quality time with them. Make memories! Let your family be your top most priority.

Technology have both the aspects- be it negative or positive- within its folds. It depends on us whether in which shade do we get in! Due to it, you reach much closer to the society but move far apart from your loved ones.

Family is the only thing in this world which has no substitute. So, whenever you are with your family denote every second of it as we can lose them in a blink of eye!

Mind these words-
“Family is not just an important thing, it is everything!”

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