ZENTY-a place where dreams come true

The mind is a bird of passage. It roams in the world of exciting fantasies galore. It drifts in various directions in search of a perfect thing that could satisfy his thirst. After much of the brainstorming, it lands on that one Dream that delights it. Now the mind sets it’s eyes on that dream and start his mental workout to find the ways to exercise the plan he perceive! From every nook and corner the dreamer try to pick up the vital ingredients to execute his plan. He prepares his mind to face all the hurdles in order to achieve his goal. Everything is set! But the big challenge awaits. It turns out to be the major setback for the implementation of plan and that is Money! Without the requisite capital, how will the thought blossom and materialize???

Ideas are generated and worked upon but the lack of funds leave the people dejected. Hopes are marooned…. And this is the point where ZENTY comes to your rescue! It helps the dreamer to win over his shortcomings. For a dreamer to paint his world of dreams, he need colors. And nothing could get him them except money. The Zenty gives you your world of happiness.

Zenty is a platform where you get your event registered, earn a sponsor, engage with the brand and if you sail through the tasks assigned to you successfully, you get your event to be sponsored by the brand you love. Isn’t it enthralling? Yes, it is.

Zenty is a trendsetter. It is reaching out to communities to get measured online tractions and help brands engage with communities they are sponsoring.

By being a part of Zenty you get to explore so many new things. The tasks get simplified here! Be it organizing a college fest or setting up a campaign for a social cause or beginning a new club of public interests or formulating the thought of a startup or anything else from a wide array of ideas. You just have to-
1. sign up with Zenty,
2. fill your event details,
3. get a sponsor directly assigned to you,
4. run online campaigns for the brand and get your whole community involved and meet your engagement goal with the sponsor and hence get your event sponsored by the brand you love.

The engagements can be getting the community members to visit the sponsor’s website, subscribing to their email, sharing about sponsored campaigns,etc. This helps the brand to get more measured engagements from target audience for the sponsorship they make and get an undivided attention for atleast a week.

Zenty have brands looking specifically for the customer segments they love. If your community falls under the particular segment, you just need to finish up the tasks and engagements and there, you emerge victorious..!

The startup culture in India is burgeoning steadfastly and this rapid growth is phenomenal. This era is witnessing a breakthrough in the ambience of prospering startups and Zenty is one of them. It is the trendsetter.

Zenty lets you to drive your entire community to rally towards a common goal and achieve your dreams. As in case of colleges, if you wish to organize a cultural or technical fest, organize a workshop or hold any important seminars and you are falling short of resources, Zenty is there to help you.

In this ever changing contemporary world, Zenty is that change which we ought to embrace. It is the pathmaker as well as the pathbreaker – From the bygone times of gaining sponsorship through banners or standees, Zenty has built up an all new ground fertile enough to meet your requirements and come up with fantastic results. You get your work done online and leaves you with quite a lot of time in hands to indulge in other important aspects regarding your venture.

It has laid a new pathway for us and now it is our turn to tread through that course and explore the infinite horizon. Let your thoughts take shape, and let your vision come into action. Let your work speak for you. Do not loose your will, be receptive to novel notions and realize your Dreams with Zenty.

So folks pull up your socks, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on an exhilarating roller coaster ride with ZENTY..!!!

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