In the hollowness of this world,
Love was what her heart yearned for.
Her search continued to gain bits of it in everyone,
Until one fine day when she found all of it in someone.
There was something in him,
That kept her eyes glued to his.
He was not a just another man,
Whom she crossed across and memories wane.
The chaos that she was living in,
Came to a halt at the very sight of him.
The fear that engulfed her,
Vanished when in her life, he stepped in.
The mess that clung to her mind,
Annoyed her and, of love, she was deprived.
A day when realization dawned upon and she looked for him everywhere,
He disappeared in dark found to be nowhere.
She sobbed for the irreparable loss,
And cursed her fate that brought her life to the longest pause.
But no! though the body left,
The stardust of him shone within her intact.
The magic of the memories revived her,
She embarked on a journey that allures her.
And she understood- love never demands a cage of relation,
Because it is not to bind but give you freedom.
Even today when she feels her heart sinking and darkness creeping,
The reminiscences of bygone times boost her up and keep her going…!

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