The harder I try to reach out to the subtleties of her existence, The more she gets away. The subtle power of her inner self, Puts me in utter confusion. Is she insensitive since nothing affects her? OR Is her spirit has been broken down umpteen times that now nothing’s left in her to be... Continue Reading →

Change is mandatory…

Once upon a time… There lived a girl Who used to crave attention, Ask others for protection, Wage a battle against her desires to meet others’ expectations, Finding pieces in others to attain jubilation..!  And now here’s that girl… Who has revamped her soul To beget a better version of herself And fabricate a new... Continue Reading →

Love is…!

Love is… A word that is beyond comprehension and expression. It revamps the soul it touches with its exquisite essence. The mere mention of it is enough to bring a shine to those tiny lamps, to turn those cheeks red, to broaden the glistening smile….. It is a beautiful feeling to experience........a heavenly experience !!

Indian Heritage – a marvel…

Those mighty and beautiful pieces of fabulous architecture, Exhibiting grandiose and an exhilarating splendor. Giving a deep insight into the lore, And bringing the stories of fascinating past to the fore. They are the ones enriching our cultures, Those tombs, buildings, engravings, and sculptures. The exquisite masterpiece of art that stands firm, Which are compelling enough... Continue Reading →

15/1 Story Avenue – Book Review

Author: Avishek Gupta Publication: Author Paradise Publishers 15/1 STORY AVENUE is an address where you will come across 15 soul-touching stories by one author. Be it a heartwarming campus romance, a spine-chiller or a wonderful travelogue, you will find it under the same roof. 1.Teri Meri Hatke Love Story expresses the love that is silent... Continue Reading →

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