It’s all about Mahi..

Out of all relations in this world, the one of a fan and the celebrity is unique and winsome in special ways.

This book is beautifully penned down by Ankit Pathak. He has displayed his literary prowess in illustrating the meaningful bond of a fan with the person whom he adores.

Gaurav is a die-hard fan of the very talented cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has all praises for him. Dhoni is not just another sportsman for Gaurav. In fact, MSD is a passion for him – a passion he lives each moment.

The ardent faith of Gaurav in MSD wins him respect in the eyes of those surrounding him, even his lady love Barkha- who is least interested in the world of cricket. The love Gaurav has for Dhoni is inexplicable and that same inability to explain is expressed by Ankit in a really amazing manner.

The crisp plot and simple language are positive points. Also, the unusual genre adds to its uniqueness and makes the book stand out. Ankit has done a great job with this piece of work by him that deserves applause. To express and bring out an odd genre in such a wonderful manner is a sure feat.

This pocketbook is a must read for every Dhoni fan. It teaches us the passion one must have for their idols.

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