The 365 Days – Book Review

You fantasize yourself to be amidst the city that pours out gold, to fill your pockets and

What if the reality hits you badly?

The 365 days by Nikhil Ramteke is a wonderfully Crafted story that has a lot much to offer

To its readers. The protagonist Shizukutty, a Malayali fisherman of the village Vizhingam, Is left poverty-stricken who desires to alleviate His magnanimous financial crisis. In order to Get the conditions of his family to improve on the monetary front, he decides to settle in Dubai in the hope that it would churn out gold for him. Albeit he runs short of capital, he somehow manages to land in Dubai. But when he confronts the stark and harsh reality, he is hit by a tight slap. His world of dreams come running down. The from reality leaves him heartbroken. The subsequent events further shatters him and break his spirit. Finally, the monster of Recession arrives to gulp him down. Then he decides to return back to his motherland and be with his family!

Will Shizukutty be able to pay off the debts and get himself rid of the criticism???

The author brings the dark lives at the camps of Dubai impressively. The manner in which the story is woven grips the reader. The quality of language as well as the coherence in the plot is appreciable. The love for one’s hometown, family and reminiscences of past are portrayed really well. The nostalgia protagonist experiences is highlighted frequently to remind the readers about the degree of abysmal darkness hidden Behind the allure of ‘City of Gold’. The book also describes the homosexuality and the contempt the society holds for it. How does depression and low self-esteem drives one to do suicide has also been explained lucidly. The cover of the book is nice. Also, the title of the book aouses the interest and is apt with regards to the context of the plotline.

The author won the hearts of the readers with an interesting, intriguing and remarkable narrative!!

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