Mira Kapoor and the brewing controversy…

If your words do not conform to the norms, you have to face aspersions and at times; might be harangue as well. This is the rule of our Indian Society. And the latest, the fresh victim to be named is Mira Kapoor.

It is believed that she had been served stardom and privilege on the platters. And she let it slip away at the gathering organized on International Women’s Day.

Several questions were posed at her to which she simply retorted back. Since then, she has been lashing out owing to her ‘inappropriate’ comments. She has been termed as insensitive and the verbal stones have been pelting at her unstoppable. The agitated mass took over to social media platforms to express their resentment and disappointment for Mira’s comments. Agreed, she had some tough words to say about her marriage with Shahid and the feminism but her upfront attitude cannot be attributed to her insensitivity and arrogance.

This unwonted candid expression of Mira had landed her into a massive trouble. She phrased,” The new wave of feminism is aggressive and destructive.” She didn’t mean to demean the females who are rebelling against the patriarchal society to carve a niche for themselves.  The context in which she spoke was different. There is no denying the fact that there are several laws issued by our constitution in order to provide protection and empowerment to the female strata of our society. But to the dismay, there have been instances that prove how badly the framed ordinances are misused just to abuse the dignity of men. The ordeals of women have driven them to come out of their veils and fight for their genuine rights. But what if an opportunity is used as a ghastly weapon, to take vengeance, etc??

Mira has shown an honest approach towards this issue that is remarkable. She behaved in an unbiased manner. The usage of the term ‘Feminazi’ is not for women who are taking a stand for the gender equality albeit it has been put to use for the same. Rather the word is being brought into existence for women who indulge themselves to revolt so that they can establish their supremacy over man!

If Feminazi kept on multiplying, then a catastrophe is bound to take place in the society.

The media reporters questioned Mira about her young age and her decision of staying back at home when a large proportion of women are stepping out of their homes to achieve newer avenues to which she answered,” I am a housewife and wear the label with pride. Accomplishing could mean anything one has their heart set on. I had a tough pregnancy, bringing Misha into this world. I love being at home and spending time with my child. I choose to be an accomplished house maker.”

She has been honest in admitting that she is a proud house maker. It is quite true that the working women give in their energy to create a place of their own and accomplish their dreams. However, why can’t a girl dream be a homemaker? There is nothing wrong with it. However, her words have been considered excessively offensive. But no traces of her intention to target the working women can be recognized?

She just put forwarded her views about what she desires to do in her life. How did it hold relevance to her arrogance!

If she loves being at home nursing her child, who are we to throw questions at her regarding her choices and decisions? She put it correctly,” you don’t have to compromise on the traditions and ideals to be modern.”

Truly, one need not leave their roots to embrace the modernization. This very concept is shallow in meaning and is an unfounded logic.

And let the people find fault with Mira’s views, but her sharp words have pierced the conventional and rigid minds; hence, she shall not forbear from speaking her heart out.

The general public was flabbergasted to hear Mira’s notions and therefore, social media walls were stormed with strong criticism.

But, the boldness Mira has displayed while addressing the gathering is commendable. Being a celebrity, there is a huge responsibility on her to maintain the image of her family. She exhibited her fearlessness. She is a symbol of a woman who is proud to be a feminist and does not ask for the support of others to validate her opinions.

Neither homemakers nor the working women must be shamed. They have the freedom to choose. They, too, are entitled to freedom of expression and none can take it away from them. This incident gives a clear message that the society might be at loggerheads with whatever you say- but you must not stop.

The entire world must stand in support of the feminism because this world needs it!

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