Jim Morgan and the 7 sins…

The human carries the burden of his sins from the past life to his future ones. This is the law of the universe. “What you sow; so shall you reap!” You will have to pay for evil deeds and if not now, not in this birth then in the subsequent lives!

Jim Morgan and the 7 sins by Bharat Madan is an excellent piece of fiction, interspersed with different sub-themes that keep the reader glued to it. The story revolves around the protagonist Jim Morgan who is an illustrious and celebrated writer of his times. He resides along the countryside, where his mind and heart can communicate with his silence. All of his books had made it to the list of bestsellers. He feels extremely delighted and proud to be in such a notable position.

The story is all about Jim’s struggles to discover about his past life, know about his sins he had committed and rectify them to escape from resting his soul in the hell. One day God asks him to make the amendments for his wrongdoings within the next 7 days. During the entire course of his journey, he comes across several upheavals. The fear engulfs him that the burden of his past sins might blight him and may cause his life to come to a disastrous end. Each time he takes his new book and makes use of the time portal, he is baffled to see through the newer dimensions of his perspective. The life takes him on a roller-coaster ride to let him confront pain, struggle, wrath, vengeance, etc. And when he presumes that he have recognized his misdeeds, god makes him to ruminate and eventually he realizes his folly and chooses to return back in time to make a change which brings him good fortune. His search for the 7 keys to unlock the seven planets lands him in utter confusion and tremor. This one change in history alters his life in the present and Jim expresses that nothing is better than getting rid of your backlog that is piled up on your soul to experience a blissful life.

The author has done a terrific job in illustrating the seven sins, namely- Gluttony, Wrath, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Pride and Envy. The book has been successful in creating an everlasting impact on the minds of its readers. The storyline is out of the league and the mystery factor involved keep the readers intrigued. The coherence and suspense of the narrative adds to the charm and thrill of the book. The tint of philosophy in the plotline gives an extra edge to the story. The whole content is wonderfully created and maneuvered. This book is evident of the expertise of the author and his ability to play with words to construct and weave a splendid story with the comely string of words.

The book is an ultimate piece of fiction thriller. Each line is worth savoring and the land in which it transports is worth traveling.

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