Solitude Revisited…


Solitude is what I seek, the state I desire to be in;

Solitude – my dearest friend, my most dreaded foe.



Solitude Revisited is a confession, a realization and the musings of a pensive young heart.
There are a million stories around us, but few are told. This book is about those invisible souls you encounter every day, but never care to observe. Sometimes, the eyes need to look further than just what they can fathom, the heart needs to seek an anecdote and the mind needs to frame a memoir for the soul — to survive the vastness reality throws at it. That’s where fiction steps in, presenting an alternative universe for the mind to thrive in, so it may preserve its individuality and brood over its reflections. Thoughts demand to be contemplated and preserved just like history, for they tell infinite stories no sane mind can perceive.
Solitude Revisited is all but real; it’s a confidante and a confession, an artist and his muse, a whisper and a madman. Listen to it and you may find yourself, listen to yourself and you may find it.


‘Solitude Revisited’ by Manaswita Ghosh is an intriguing book that flinches your heart with its each word – bit by bit. It is a collection of beautiful stories that speak with the medley of words. I am amazed at their creation and presentation.

Zora mirrored the ambitious lives that chase their professions without giving a glance to their loved ones. In the lure of their dreams, they keep running. At the end, all that comes to them is bountiful loneliness that pierces their existence.

Arundhati’s realization makes you face the truth that ‘Some spaces are not meant to be void.’ People leave behind a hole in your life when they go away but you are not to hang in there. You ought to go ahead, move forward and accept the change that is an inevitable truth.

The heartwarming tale of schizophrenic Veronica takes you by surprise. It tears your soul apart when Veronica slits her wrist because she could never get her love.

The poignant account of young Zunaid who toils hard to earn money for his poor family moves you. His mind is teeming with dreams but his heart is filled with sadness up to the brim. His dreams let him escape the harsh reality in which he was plunged mercilessly.

The stories of Akanksha and Afreen depict the love that binds our spirits magically. But then there are times when we ought to go ahead, move forward because life is meant to keep going.

All the individual plots are wonderfully improvised by the author to tickle your heart and let you drown in the whirlpool of emotions. The cover of the book is symbolic of a young lass who is free in her reveries. It is in her realms of imagination where she indulges with her words and plays along. The blurb is enticing. It instantly draws the attention of the readers and coerces them to sit glued to the book as the narrative flows smoothly. The title is appropriate as it precisely describes the comprehensive content of the book. It implies that the author derived pleasure out of her own solitude and her stroll down the lanes of solitude brought this book alive. The words, the expressions, the coherence, the narration – everything is fantastic. This book will definitely touch the hearts. If one dwells deep into it, he is bound to attain bliss.

Kudos to the author for penning down this marvelous book. Each musing appealed to me and I will recommend it to everyone who would love to revisit their own solitude.


Life is too short for old fingers to count regrets.


About The Author: 
Manaswita Ghosh is a journalist with The Telegraph Calcutta. She is an optimist who believes each day has beauty in store for those who seek it, no matter how bad a day it is. She loves to observe and pen her thoughts as they occur to her; penning stories has been more of an obsession to her than a casual pastime.
Penguin Books India, The British Council, First Step Corp., and Talent Flush Creations have published her in the past.
Of every amazing experience, this world has to offer her, she is crazy about traveling, reading and fine dining.

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