Are we getting Modernized?

India has been termed as the Golden Bird. For years, it was chained in the shackles of British Rule. After a long struggle, it managed to attain independence. 70 years have passed since we achieved our freedom and yet nothing has changed much. Although the progress is in the pipeline, to be honest, it is quite slow. Change is highly important and more importantly, it needs to be rapid.

We speak of modernization but the societal evils such as Casteism, Racism, Gender-bias, discrimination based on wealth, etc are still prevalent shamelessly. Little has been done to uproot them with much disinterest. The political parties are engrossed in proving their supremacy over others. Their dirty game of politics has accounted for a huge toll on the lives of common men. Reservation was primarily brought into the picture to bring forth the suppressed Dalits. In the current scenario, it is being used as a weapon to gain the power. Additionally, votes are manipulated using Reservation that has corrupted the entire nation. Reservations merely based on caste need a second thought.

We have been blindly aping the western culture and we flaunt our modern possessions with much ardor. Why do we dislike our nation, its environment, its traditions, its identity? The development of a nation largely depends upon its population, its inhabitants. And if its own people will turn their backs, how will the country prosper? We need to seriously contemplate over this issue.

Of late, many rules and laws have come into existence. This is because the rate of crimes in the country is increasing steadfastly. But what I believe is that creating new laws won’t help much. The need is to inculcate morality in the people. With reference to the growing population, I will advocate this point – Lets humanity and not humans increase! We need that each one us takes the onus of helping the nation to develop. We want the pace of a rabbit and not that of a turtle. The strategies which are implemented should be meticulously planned in order to get visible output.

When all of us will walk together, only then the country will develop!

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