An Intellectual…


Have you ever come across words like mental orgasms, mental intercourse, and mental masturbation? Have you ever found someone with whom you can make love in your mind? Ever pondered over the beauty of such tête-à-tête?


  • Author: Shivam Chaudhary
  • Paperback: 196 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers; 1st edition (23 August 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9386673665
  • ISBN-13: 978-9386673664



The conversations between the two intellectuals (Swaraj and Najya) in the book are real except at some places. The book depicts mostly the conversations between two intellectuals mainly about the philosophy of life, science, and love. The conversations between them are minimalistic. The book is mainly focused on those unique people who are passionate about the philosophy of life and life itself, those who are passionate enough to question about almost everything. They crave to get connected to other people through meaningful conversations; they want to grow up with other people and help them grow by talking about self-improvement. They crave to help other people. Also, such gifted people crave to get connected to someone who can understand them. They expect to have a deeper connection with someone which can later turn into a romantic relationship. All the time they crave for passionate people, and an understanding partner. When their desires don’t turn into reality, they get trapped in their own thoughts. What happens next? Read the book and figure it out for yourself. It all lies in the ending of the book. I’ve shared the deepest thoughts of an intellectual. I suspect that most of the readers would successfully find conversations in the book related to their deep thoughts; they would be able to relate the authentic conversations with their lives. I guess I’m successful in predicting the reality. Remember: it is a boon to find someone just as passionate about something as you are, but it is pretty hard to get one in real life. One intellectual can have the capability to store numerous deep thoughts about most of the things in his mind.That’s what the ending is all about.


“An Intellectual (part 1)” by Shivam Chaudhary is an exquisite piece that attempts to unravel the beauty of the infinite universe. The two strangers – Swaraj and Najya- are portrayed to compliment each other impeccably in terms of their intellect. A sudden meeting turns out to be a cherishing experience for the two as they go along with the flow of time.

The story set in three parts talks vividly about the deepest questions buried in the secret recesses of our hearts. The cover is fine and the blurb is quite enticing. The title is perfect as the entire plotline is centered around the intellect and its uniqueness.

Swaraj, a young man who recently got through his engineering, is attracted to the theoretical physics and universe. He is deeply attached to the higher power of the universe and holds a firm belief in it. His quest for knowledge fuels his aspirations and makes him bump into Najya. Both of them are different from the general crowd. They are stuck in an intellectual conversation that lets them wander into the magical realm of truth and life. Their words turn out to be food for each other’s soul. They eventually experience completeness. They discover their perfect imaginary beings in each other and this is the most exciting part of the book. I am eager to read its second part now!

The book deals with subtle nuances of life and existence. It speaks at length about the ecstasy of involving in a conversation with the one who somewhere, mirrors your personality and thoughts. The intriguing facts discussed in throughout the narrative are replenishing and refreshing. It gives us a new perspective. It helps us to look beyond the apparent.

The language is perfect with flawless coherence. Though the use of idioms and phrases enhances the beauty of the narrative, an abundance could mar the reader’s experience. They might be the hurdles in their comprehension leading to a total detachment from the context. Hence, I would recommend the author to keep the limited idioms in his content. Rest, the book is wonderful in its approach.

Kudos to the author for penning down such a unique novel which is bound to gift its readers with a neoteric ideology and perception.

Grab your copy here:

An Intellectual

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