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The Wall by Lavanya Nukavarapu is a paranormal fiction that keeps you on the edge of your seats and bewilders you at certain instances.


The protagonist Aahana is surprised to find a new painting in her boyfriend Rishi’s collection that appears to her weird. The painting gives her nightmares. She just not feels right to catch a glimpse of the art piece. It gives her chills, freaks her out and really bad thoughts keep lingering in her mind. The painting was undoubtedly worth admiring but somehow, Aahana feels there is something sinister about it. She was scared to even look at it and therefore asked Rishi to get rid of it. But Rishi turns deaf ears to her requests and all his logical explanations surrounding the painting won’t alleviate her fear. One fine day when she drops at his apartment, he does not open the door. When Aahana opens it, she is even more terrified to see the truth beyond the painting. After several attempts to convince people about her worst fears, she even loses her sister-in-law. The things take an ugly turn. There comes the scholar looking Arush who takes the initiative to curb the problems of Aahana. As the story progresses, few more revelations are made that petrify Aahana and everyone else who is associated with the horrible painting. Will Aahana be able to curtail the mammoth fear of being constantly looked by an evil spirit?


The novel is set in the backdrop of a sinister painting that terrifies the protagonist Aahana. The painting is really amazing and attractive that contains a wall. Beyond it, there is a hooded figure that is not even human-like. The details regarding the background of the story have been described wonderfully. The relation of present fateful events with that of a terrifying past is meticulously depicted by the author.

Title & Cover:

The Wall forms the backbone of the novel. The entire story revolves around those tall walls that try to limit the evil spirit from harming others. Therefore, the title is completely appropriate. The cover is also apparently symbolizing the ghastly spirit hidden behind a wall. It is quite nice though more work could have been done to enhance its impact and aesthetic impact.


In the current scenario when the market is flooded with romantic stuff, this novel is totally out of the league. It primarily focuses on the beliefs and concepts that are beyond the periphery of science and rational explanations. The paranormal plotline intrigues the reader. It transports him to the land of unknown – where even death could not make you die! The narration is smooth and crisp. The complete story is engaging due to its quality of content and conciseness. I would recommend the author to plan a bit longer book so that it could be rightly put under the category of Novel.

The development of characters and events were fantastic. I absolutely loved the characterization of Count Benoit whose transformation from a weak and meek guy to a fierce and cruel person is worth mentioning here. He possessed the power to manipulate things and so he managed to keep his certain under the wraps for a long time. The portrayal of his persona after his death that fails to put down his spirit to rest has been meticulously done. Each of his cruel activity has been described so naturally, that one could instantly feel the pangs of terror giving one the goosebumps. “To live with a constant knowledge that someone from a different world altogether is watching over us scares me.” This line sends shivers down your spine once you realize its enormity.

The coherence, as well as the freshness of the genre, is praiseworthy. The language is properly used and a subtle balance between the stark world of spirits and that of humans has been maintained well. Kudos to the author for crafting this book. I am eager to read more from you!

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The Wall


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