Being an Entrepreneur!


“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

We all desire to live luxurious lives immersed in the glories of our success but a fine line of an unrelenting desire to succeed creates the biggest difference. An entrepreneur is a normal human being but unlike the common men, he is Doing! He keeps on working tirelessly because the realization of his aspirations awaits him. Yes, it is easier to dream and create the castles in your head but it is really tough to bring your dreams to reality. An entrepreneur never ceases to dream and hence, never ceases to give up! Failures are the part and parcel of each one of our lives but it is him, who accepts his setbacks gracefully. He is not fettered by his shortcomings. Rather, he turns his weaknesses into his strengths to strike with a greater power. He is not ready to be served success on platters easily. He strives hard to Earn it! He is not the one who just wants it, he is not the one who just desires to have something, he is definitely not the one who just wants something to happen out of the blues to bless him with prosperity. But he is the one who will shed his sweat, burn the midnight oil forgetting about his health and well-being, get his targets achieved because there’s a greater purpose he needs to fulfill. He earns what he wishes to have and this is the peculiar thing about him. Determination runs through his veins that proffers him novel ideas and enthusiasm to put in more efforts. He is prepared to take challenges, face adversities, and still continue to row his boat passionately. His undying spirit to learn something new and earn his success gifts him an upper hand over others. He works with conviction and dedication to achieve his goal. And this sets him apart from the crowd!

This is an Entrepreneur!

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