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Pinto Has An Idea…

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Pinto has an Idea!
  • Author: Rajeev Saxena
  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury India; 1 edition (10 December 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9386826933
  • ISBN-13: 978-9386826930


An idea has the immense power to change the course of our actions.


Young Pinto has from his childhood been an out-of-the-box thinker, finding solutions in his everyday surroundings to a myriad ancient global problems. The certain machine he invents in his childhood makes him a hero in his village but it’s not sufficient to change the mindset of naysayers for Pinto to pursue his career in hardcore science.

Pinto Has an Idea is the tale of Dr. Pinto, a small-town boy, an IITian and a scientist working in MIT, who suddenly experiences a life-changing revelation in the early days of his research, throwing away his work on theoretical physics and setting out to solve the practical everyday problems of the world he lives in.

Returning to his native India, he finds his noble quest beset by unexpected adversaries, obstacles, and trials, but emerges triumphant from each battle.

Pinto does not like to appear a romantic person and keeps women at bay. But when Lavanya returns to haunt his life, and eventually shoe-horns him into marriage, he obligingly falls in love. Because Lavanya is not just a pretty face, she’s his partner in research. And Pinto, a newbie in romance, discovers a whole new craze.
But life takes directions never aimed for. Pinto is on the road to becoming rich and famous. He invents a mechanism to eradicate corruption in the land, and in that process moves towards politics. That impinges on the couple’s relationship so severely that Lavanya disappears suddenly without telling Pinto. Why does she leave their child with Pinto? Will he lose his greatest ‘idea’, Lavanya, and thereby, himself? Sure, Pinto’s ideas bring dramatic changes to society. But how much romance can a scientist handle as well?

Rajeev Saxena, in his debut novel, shows you just how much.


The curtains are raised and a prodigy Pinto appears. Oh no! He is Rajat Shrivastava, the name with which the world will come to know about this genius. He was born in the beautiful city of Nainital. He grew up to become a naughty but intelligent child. He was curious from his childhood who used to look into the depth of his surroundings. This fine observation led him to become a renowned scientist. His intelligence surpassed his age and so his father sent him to attend a coaching for IIT in Kanpur. A brilliant boy worked day and night to realize his parents’ dream and made it to the IIT with a remarkable rank. In his journey, Lavanaya came into his life who supported him throughout his life. The young man went abroad to pursue his passion for research and after years returns to India to find ground level problems plaguing its development. An unromantic guy gradually feels love brewing in his heart for Lavanya and finally confesses it to culminate their relationship into the institution of marriage. Thereafter, they together work in tandem to invent various machines that could aid the mankind in an easy and comfortable living. Pinto’s desire to put the technology into right use to curb corruption directs him towards the path of politics. This decision of Pinto disappoints Lavanya. Read the book to find out how their disagreement over politics affects their lives.


The book ‘Pinto has an Idea’ revolves around the tagline – Nothing is Impossible. Pinto is a curious and a brilliant man who is bubbling with new ideas constantly. He finds technology amusing and resorts to basic concepts for solving big challenges. In the status quo, when there is a dearth of standard fiction in the market, this book comes as a surprise packet. It does not contain romantic story in the background giving you butterflies in the stomach. In fact, it is a perfect product of literary prowess and a fantastic intellect. The author has woven an interesting narrative to engage the readers. Though the book appears to be a science fiction due to an abundance of ideas, it is more of an amalgamation of everything. It covers science, family, love, emotions, social issues and business all impeccably. The language has been used appropriately with the correct usage of proper phrases that enhance the attention of the reader. The coherence is maintained thoroughly. I am impressed with the manner in which Pinto revolutions the general way of living. His projects such as Gumshuda, Double H, Goodsnet, etc prove to be promising if used efficiently.

The title says that Pinto has an idea. But in reality, he is full of new thoughts to challenge the existing problems and setbacks in the society. His conviction proves that indeed, nothing is impossible. The cover is designed to perfectly complement the theme of the book. The brain of Pinto, the protagonist, is a powerhouse of out of the box ideas and he synthesizes them with his intellect to bring about significant changes.

In few instances, the description of the emotional turmoil of a human is appealing. Moreover, the author combined the human emotions along with science amazingly. However, there were few typos that appeared disruptive. I would suggest editing the book once and getting it rid of minute errors to make it flawless. Overall, the book has been a reliable and intriguing companion for the beginning of this year. I had a great experience reading it.

I would recommend this highly wonderful book to each and every person irrespective of the fact whether they are readers or non-readers because once you immerse yourself in the world of Pinto, his ideas will leave you awestruck.

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Pinto Has An Idea

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