This Year…Be You!

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Embrace your unique self!

Of late, I have become a lot lazy and perhaps, therefore, couldn’t pen anything to kickstart the year. The winter season is at its peak and it is really difficult to bring yourself out of the warmth of the quilt and get writing. Finally, I managed to shoo away my lethargy and write a piece worthy enough to celebrate the New Year.

New Year is an eventful time, the onset that signifies the ebullience and birth of neoteric. We bid farewell to the outgoing year and welcome the incoming one cheering. Every year we make resolutions with a firm belief that we will get through them successfully.

Those resolutions might be related to our professional or personal lives. Some may even resort to promise themselves to bring a change in their soul, their personality, their individuality. While I came across different people in my daily life, I find several lads and lasses unhappy with themselves. They are uncomfortable in their own company and find it utterly difficult to accept their individuality. Listening to the appreciation received by their peers plague their mind and heart. An inferiority complex engulfs them badly. In the reckless race to defeat others, we forget the needs of our own spirit. All we have reigning our mind is to earn the same appreciation and applauses that our peers get. The blood gushes through our veins with an enormous speed to beget the steam of passion and envy rule our senses. In our never-ending quest for popularity and success, we challenge our own personality. I might sound wrong here but is attaining success at the cost of losing your identity worthwhile?

One is free to make changes, alter one’s life and thoughts to progress, articulate their thoughts and opinions and fabricate new habits to lead a fulfilling life. But please remember, all of us are born with different qualities. We are blessed with distinct sets of aspirations, goals, purpose and most important life. Our wants, needs, upbringing, dreams are way different from others. We need not wear a pseudo cloak of pretense to flaunt what we are not.

It is definitely appreciable to inculcate sound thoughts within ourselves but not at the expense of losing ourselves. This New Year, resolve to wear your own skin and move around with pride. Embrace your oddities because they define you. Let not the success of others mar your personality. Inspiration stands out completely from what we call as copying. Do not ogle at the accomplishments of others with filthy jealousy ruining your soul. Respect your identity. Be brave enough to accept your raw and real self. Acceptance must come from within, be in complete agreement with your mind. 

Be You!

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