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What Keeps Me Going Despite Hurdles?

The spites of despondence cling to our hearts so often and we allow it to penetrate deep into our soul and be stuck with it. However, it is we who can sail through our gloom and emerge victoriously, if only we wish!

So, whenever my spirits are dampened and the graph of my confidence exponentially falls, the first thing I do is to bring my palms together and join them to remember the one who made me- the God.

A few minutes of prayer binds you with your creator and then you realize there’s a lot much in store for you. God has plans for all his children. A firm belief in him can work wonders with your life.

Another thing that motivates me is the smiling faces of my parents. They have hopes for me and it is my duty to fulfill them. They provide me with all the pleasures and comfort. And I have no right to snatch their pleasure of seeing me successful and happy by putting myself in sadness. They make tireless efforts to help us shape our lives and career.

So we must make sure that our efforts never wane because only our success can bring bliss to their lives.

Last, but definitely not the least are my Dreams!

All I recall is how far have I come and how far I still have to go to realize my dreams. The desire to see my dreams come true drives me into putting my hard work and honest dedication in whatever I do. They show me the way and fosters in me enough strength to put back my shattered bits and strive forward!

Let your dreams be the beacon to your future!

Let your parents be your inspiration.

Let almighty be your guide and power!

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