Celebrating Women’s Day…

Become an Empowered Woman!


She is a phenomenal woman

Who didn’t consider her life as a prison.


She walked down the aisle with pride,

Surmounting over an obstinate man’s rage.

She didn’t cry or complain

Over a life that she never felt was in vain,

She stood for what she wanted,

Fiercely chosen a path and had hit the trail.

Unlike her friends who fought for feminism

She took a different way,

She didn’t take over to the streets and social media campaigns

She worked hard consistently to gain the success that echoed in the lanes.

She didn’t rely on others to lift her up

She believed in herself and pulled herself up.

Amidst all the clatter that pervaded the society,

She preferred to work sincerely and appreciate the fraternity.

She was not insensitive or weak

That she took a decision to stay away from streets.

She held the immaculate belief in her power

That nothing could ever stop her from succeeding,

If only she wishes!

Here we are celebrating the International Women’s Day with full vim and vigor. Preparations started weeks ago to appreciate women in our society and bring forth, at least for a day, the women power on the stage.

I definitely respect the painstaking efforts people make to indulge in different events where the issues concerning women are discussed. But I guess, this continuous revolt and rebellion against the norms rampant in the society are slowly losing their impact. There would come a time when such momentary missions will become redundant. We make big promises and take a pledge to change the scenario but as soon as the day gets over, everything disappears!

Throughout the nation, we have seen campaigns running against the harassment and assaults the women have been facing for ages. We come across articles in newspapers that raise the voice of the victimized women. A plethora of street plays, drama, social campaigns, events, videos flood the society but if you ponder over, is the issue we have been talking about yet fixed? We would argue that it is a problem that has long roots and that it will take time to come out of the impasse but for how long? For how long we will whine over the female issues and scream aloud feminism? For how long we will take advantage of a day to garner some limelight and then forget about its core agenda. Well, we have no answers.

The society is evolving and taking shape of a reformed one to make an equal place for all its inhabitants. Education has worked wonders with the grim situations that enveloped our country. We see so many women coming up and proving themselves. They represent the “empowered” class of women. And surprisingly, they constitute the minority of the women of the nation.

Let me take a break to tell you that I too am a girl and I wholeheartedly support all the movements that are aimed at empowering the oppressed voices of our society.

But tell me whether running a social media campaign such as #metoo will solve the problem? They storm our facebook walls for a short period of time and then vanish away. People forget what was cooking up sometime back and move ahead. Momentum is lost quickly and we come back to the square one.

Do enlighten me if brainstorming on serious issues pertaining to women by intellectuals and eminent personalities on the stage will bring some change? A day is celebrated when the greetings are poured over in the women’s lives. We show respect, we speak about devising solutions to simplify the imbroglio holding the society but eventually, things loosen. Everything is lost in the dust of time.

It is time when we stop cursing men and start doing work. Hey lady, Do not confine yourself to restrictions and impositions. We must put a full stop to our call for bashing the men. Rather we must make concrete efforts in getting ourselves forward. We are educated and empowered but our friends who reside in the remote areas of our country need to be made aware. Our aggressiveness requires a proper channel, a proper outlet to bring a significant impact on the rudimentary society. Work hard, educate yourself and contribute in bringing your suppressed friends to the fore. This should be your goal. This Women’s Day, let us pledge to empower ourselves on our own. For a long time, a lot has been spoken about, it is time we engage in action. No matter what, promise yourself to not budge. Only a well-planned action can supersede our woes.

Work in tandem with your peers, focus on improving yourself, consider revising your intellect and look forward to achieving success!




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