The Woman Who Helped Me Rise And Shine..!

A girl who feared the stage, a girl who feared to come up, a girl who used to get frightened at the mere mention of coming and speaking up in front of the crowd –

I was that girl.

I was a shy and timid person who hardly had the courage to face the masses. I had the ideas but no proper motivation to channel them and bring out a substantial result. Many people who knew me then remember me as an emotionally weak girl who couldn’t face herself. They considered me as the one who would never be able to come forth because I lacked that “courage”.

Then she entered my life and things gradually changed, only for the better!

She was my English teacher, A simple woman with a charming personality. Her style of teaching was pretty engaging. One would eventually develop the interest in the subject if she would teach. She picked me up amongst the many and groomed me into becoming a better version of myself. She pulled me out of my hesitation, brought me to the stage, got me rid of my inhibitions and made me the one I am today!

I remember a particular incident that multiplied my respect for her. I already worked with her for a previous event as a comperer. So, it was the silver jubilee fiesta of our school that was approaching and the hunt for the hosts of the programme was launched. She recommended my name and I was amongst the ones shortlisted for the thing. We all assembled in a room for the teachers to select the final names. As the procedure took place, meanwhile, she abruptly spoke up, “I have already worked with Khyati and she will be there this time, for sure.” Her confidence in me boosted my morale and I knew, at that point, I have to prove her faith in me without any fail. And after tremendous practice and her continued support and guidance, I along with my friend hosted the programme successfully. I recall how happy my parents were to hear congratulations from my teachers. Yes, it was a really proud moment for the girl who was considered to remain in the back seat forever. Since then, I never looked back.

Today, when I am on stage I feel like owning it. I can talk confidently, put forth my opinions because there has been someone who reposited her faith in me. I am a lucky one to find her and I couldn’t thank Almighty enough for sending her into my life.
I even wrote the first English poem of my life for her and gifted it on her birthday. Even today, she cherishes it and that is enough to broaden my smile.

She is one of the best women in my life and I would wholeheartedly value her presence forever.

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