I Am… a poem

I Am

I am
What I have been thinking
What I have been reading
What I have been seeing
What I have been feeling.
I am
What I have been feeding my mind.
I am
All the demons I have reckoned with
The experiences I have been through
Some sweet, some sour, some utter blue.
I am
The happiness, the love I have received
That was elusive and could not be conceived.
I am
The beauty and the beast,
The mild and the wild,
The calm and the rage,
The free and the caged.
I am
What I ought to become
As I think and let my life take the shape!


5 thoughts on “I Am… a poem

Add yours

  1. I am what i am meant to be.
    Sometimes form of same element as diamond or charcoal
    Sometimes it is the darker part that gets enlightened
    Sometimes it is just my inner peace that creates shores of happiness
    I am no more different than you
    But still the world will see me different,
    As i still am not a complete poem yet.

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