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The Last Chai – Book Review

  • Author: Varun Tejwani
  • Genre: Fiction (political thriller)
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 314 KB
  • Print Length: 250 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English


The year is 2019. The world, as we know today, is not the same anymore. Blatant threats of war by ‘world leaders’ is the new normal. Gone are the days when mobilizing armies at borders, or aiming missiles at adversaries, was a rare phenomenon. With every nation or their allies possessing nuclear weapons, victory through conventional means is no longer possible, paving way for covert warfare to emerge as the preferred weapon.
New Delhi is an easy target and Doshi, the unassailable supremo of the regime is on the ‘hit list’. The threat assessment is at an all-time high, Ajay Kaamte, the director of SPG (Special Protection Group), is tasked with protecting the PM.
Intelligence claims that the PM is susceptible to cyanide attacks and situation is grim, to say the least.

Will Doshiji survive to serve another term or will very soon be having his last chai?


The Last Chai by Varun Tejwani is like that fresh flower in the garden full of old stuff. Yes, while the whole book market is flooded with mushy romance or some not-so-good plots, this book is there to stay for its uniqueness!

It basically revolves around the life of Doshiji, the current PM of the nation, with several other side characters making up the plotline. The political glitch lingering around him is the soul of this book Or I should say, he builds up this whole pseudo glitch situation to achieve what he wants.

The book has been written very well. No doubt, a lot of efforts have been put in bringing out this fictitious story that takes us by surprise with its thrill and conspiracies. The narrative has been woven meticulously to engage the readers and keep them at the edge of their seats. The development of the characters, as well as the storyline, is amazing. The portrayal of the different characters is very nice. Moreover, as the story progresses, one would find himself closer to its characters. It bewilders you, surprises you and above all, strikes you with its close resemblance to the reality.

The cover is quite okay and could have been worked upon with more deliberation. However, the title goes perfectly in sync with what the story has to convey. It is “chai” that is an important element used in the story. And hence, using it while pondering over an appropriate title is undeniable.

So, If you are looking for a novel that could give you a fresh insight into the scenario of our nation and love to read a political fiction, you should definitely read this book!


Book Cover: 3/5

Book Title: 4/5

Plotline: 4/5

Writing Style: 4/5

Narration: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Language and Vocabulary: 4/5

Grammar and Punctuation: 3.5/5


Grab your copy here:

The Last Chai

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