The Life Of A Proud Brown Mother…

A Proud Woman

Wrapped in the tenderness of an elegant fawn,
On a fateful day, blessings descended on earth as a beautiful girl was born.
She was the kind of those who become a muse of a musing,
Symbolic of love, beauty, compassion, valor – indeed, a virtuous being.

Bubbling with a dream reigning her clear mind,
She was a demure visionary with a heart so kind.
Her splendid smile disguised the bruises of her existence,
Society smirked at her life which she accepted with subtle forbearance.

Colors add flavors to life and spread its vibrancy for our eyes to see,
The happiness filled in them bring us glee.
A color she had, brown it was, brought her remarks,
From kith and kin to the society that rudely left, on her heart, an indelible mark.

The stubborn aspersions didn’t seem to leave her side,
But the braveheart was ready to take them in her stride.
In the due course of time, she stumbled upon “him”,
His was the ocean like love across which she could freely swim.

Castles of dreams were made incredibly high,
Love was made to her to make her feel closer to the sky.
The imprudent girl didn’t pay heed to the future,
That held in itself an imminent eruption of destiny’s anger.

The love affair made its way to the ears of her ruthless kin,
Who disowned her fearing the consequences it shall bring in.
Alas! All the hell broke loose when her love left her in the lurch,
He reneged and escaped, left her behind with a life in her disparaged as a smirch.

The despicable fruit of her deeds was the reason she lived,
Yes, her daughter was the harbinger of love, she believed.
She reminisces all the years that saw her grow as a woman of character,
As she beams with pride and ecstasy seeing her daughter getting respect in her platters.



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