Maybe, I Am Wierd…

I look for gold in the dust,
Trying to find in an insurmountable pile of betrayal,
a fine trace of trust.
Maybe, I am weird!
I keep my mouth shut
When I should be the one hitting the nuts,
Still, I opt out of screaming in anger.
Maybe, I am weird!
I dare to embrace the darkness
Which is contemptuous and marooned.
Yet it is the one, I feel, that hugs me back and love me with love.
Maybe, this thought of mine is weird!
I close the doors of my heart,
When it is the weakest, at the nadir.
I let my scars fester
When they need to be dealt with care.
Maybe, I am weird!
Everything that I do,
The way it shouldn’t be done,
The light of contentment brightens up
The hole in my soul.
And I see myself reveling
In the empty space
To fill me.
Maybe, I am weird! 

17 thoughts on “Maybe, I Am Wierd…

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