It’s Enough – Poem

Under the aegis of
My radiating smile
And an indifferent attitude
Nestles a heart that cares.
It is being thwarted
And hurt
And left in despair.
Not once or twice
But uncountable times of which I am unaware.
The feeble heart
The delicate organ
Intrinsic to my being
Makes tireless efforts to fit in.
The heart that blooms with gait
As it feels the incoming fresh vibes,
Pines for another heart
Which could listen to its rants.
It needs a company
To share its agony.
Like a parasite
It yearns to thrive
At the mercy of others.
Now I have realized its fragility
Its weakness and its vulnerability.
Long before, I left it marooned
Now is the time
For me to caress it like never before.
The course of time and my actions have to change
It’s Enough!

10 thoughts on “It’s Enough – Poem

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