Some Mornings I Love To Sleep – Poem

Mornings are surreal and full of fascination

With the dawn marking its inception.

The sky is filled with hues

Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow, and Blue!

I look forward to waking up

And fix my gaze on the rising sun

To feel its warmth

And immerse in its jubilation.

Then there are mornings

Where I lie on my bed

In the pool of my thoughts

Staring at the ceiling and contemplating over the tiny dot.

A whirlpool of vague images

Pulls me into the maze.

The Now, The past and The future

Everything seems to be blurry and hard to capture.

Nothingness arrives on my head

And I slowly slip involuntarily in the stupor.

Those are the mornings

When I really don’t want to go out

To cherish the view

And let a sigh escape my mouth!

Instead, I let my drowsiness rule over me

As I go again to Sleep!


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