Self-Love Is All You Need… – Poem


We cry, we moan for the love we want

We make hopeless efforts to carry on

Despite numerous heartbreaks which welcome us wryly

We wish to give the ‘love’ another shot.

The pervasive clatter, the persistent bickering

And the echoes of bellow which are heart-shattering

Tear our beings and flinch our peace

Something breaks in us putting our grief at ease.

Little do we know the value of ourselves

Lowly we think of our very own existence

Perhaps this is why we give in to the coldness of the ones

Who never take a step to acknowledge our presence.

We treasure people and the relations we have with them

But rarely do we think about the equation we share with ourselves.

Is it balanced and proportionate?

A question that seldom strikes our mind and makes enough sense.

And finally, when we are saturated

When no more of disillusions plague our head

We seek a cure for our tattered heart

That could bring together our broken parts.

Self-love, my darling, is the wand you need

To heal the bruises and your Achilles heel.

To love oneself seems a pretty selfish thought

But this very act of yours can set you free

From the maze in which you are caught.

To uplift yourself and obtain liberty from the cage

In which you are held captive enhancing your rage,

Love is all you need in abundance

Not of others but the one which you feed your soul with forbearance.






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