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Want to be smarter?… CARPE LIBRUM!

Being a remarkably smart person in the room is inevitable in today’s fiercely competitive environment. Each one of us wants to be better than the rest. And why not? After all, if one wants to survive in the current scenario, he ought to have that extra edge!

If you go around asking people about their views on skimming through a paperback, most of them will give a thumbs down. According to a majority of a population, reading is a mundane activity that demands a lot of patience. And the gross reason goes like, “I do not want to be called a Bookworm!” How ridiculous does it sound to be named a Bookworm? It feels equally disgusting like as if someone is body shaming.

But the truth remains intact that books have the unique power to bring out a change in you. There is no denying the fact that books have the ability to inculcate wisdom in you and fill your lives with happiness and knowledge galore. It not only acts as the best means to spend your leisure time but also gifts you a wonderful insight. Only a voracious reader can appreciate the art of writing. If you want to satisfy your appetite for a smarter personality, go and grab a book. Devouring books is equivalent to worshipping goddess Saraswati.

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Reading makes you smarter!


The benefits of being a bookworm are enumerated below-

  • Reading helps in fostering analytical skills in people. It stimulates their brain and acts as a perfect exercise to keep it active and sound.
  • Books let you time travel. You are at one place exploring a number of imaginary lands statically in your minds. It familiarizes you with several cultures, opinions and the different style one could adapt to express.
  • Books make up for the best of friends. With them, it is like you are in a company yet free! Yes, they are silent buddies who let you savor them and enjoy yourself. All they demand is patience and an undivided attention. In turn, they return you dollops of wisdom and enlightenment.
  • Reading is said to reduce stress by 60%. This is an amazing fact about it. It helps to slow down the heartbeat, ease muscle tension and infuse positivity in you. They are efficacious in alleviating the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • It is an affordable entertainment that enriches your intellect and equips you with much of information.
  • Reading is proven to develop your emotions in a healthy manner. They make you empathetic towards the people around you. It is because when you set out to read a book, you act like a silent observer who shares no connection with anyone. You get to know different aspects of a person and accordingly you might put yourself in their shoes and live their lives. This enhances the quality of your opinions as well.
  • Reading helps to fabricate myriad perceptions. It aids in equipping you with different stances on a single topic.
  • When books become your world, you are free from the shackles of the tempting desire to be in a peer group. You are no more chained in your own thoughts. Every new book allows you to be a vagabond and wander across the different realms of the world of fantasy. It is of high value to someone who is all drowned in his wanderlust!
  • Apart from personal growth, books also help in the progress of a society. The reports of different research conclude that readers are more likely to help non-profit organizations due to their flair at handling emotional conundrums.
  • Reading makes one articulate in a better way. It enriches your vocabulary, develops higher order reasoning and promotes critical thinking. Further, it boosts the confidence and improves imagination and creative instincts of an individual.
  • Reading books facilitate one to concentrate effectively. Also, it benefits one’s communication skills.
  • Reading brings neural pathways in the brain to life. It supports the activity and elasticity of the brain.


So, there are so many arguments to support the point that reading books definitely make you sharper and smarter. It improves cognitive abilities and hampers the growth of negative vibes. And trust me on this thing that once you get comfortable in the world, reading will eventually become the best time of your day. If you desire to get ahead, go and seize a book!

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61 thoughts on “Want to be smarter?… CARPE LIBRUM!

  1. Words can’t explain how excellent this book is. The amazing story and plot will leave you stunned.The book itself is a stunning homage to the characters, video games, motion pictures, and tv shows i grew up with. I also advise to read . PS: I like this website. Thank you so much


  2. Started a new task a little over a year ago and it was really stressful for me and I wasn’t proficient at it yet. This book was my among few escapes. Good story, liked all the culture. Extremely suggest. I also suggest to read . P.S: I like your blog. Thanks


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