The Lies I Tell To Myself – Poem

I look into the mirror

And try to prod for the answers

I wish to hear.

Surprisingly, I am lucky enough

To receive a cornucopia of appreciation

Words of endearment

That boosts my ego and

Nourishes my narcissism.

It is all because of the lies

I tell to myself.

The mute reflection of my face

Doesn’t screams in rage

Emphasising my flaws and cracks.

And here,

I put myself up

And obtain an upper hand over the lifeless thing.

I tell my head what it wants to hear

I make it listen to self-written eulogies

I feed it with honey-laced verses

All embellishing my love

For myself!

Yes, I am hopelessly lying to my inner being

Because the demon within pines to bring itself up

Because the truth is dark and grim

And lies guise it well!


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17 thoughts on “The Lies I Tell To Myself – Poem

  1. Your poem is very expressive and has a lot of truth….I have two bathrooms (modest ones!) The mirror in one is lit by artificial light and takes around 5/10 years off my face.. (Yes!) The other bathroom has a window wherein nature’s light pours, especially sunlight…Question ? Which mirror do you think I use the most?! (I believe the liar for around half an hour…) Great morale booster, but I KNOW THE TRUTH. HEY HO.

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  2. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between the narcissism and the demon of judgment. But oh how I wish I could let go of those thoughts of what we are supposed to look like and appreciate that natural in between.

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  3. Yes we human and some self love is often needed especially we had face and body that opened doors at one time and now we search for that person and look for the best lighting (or filter in a photo app) to see if are still in there.

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