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Dance In The Rain – Book Review

  • Author: Shreya Dutta
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 566 KB
  • Print Length: 35 pages
  • Publisher: Think Tank Books; 1 edition (17 April 2018)
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

“For he who can’t bear the unbearable pain, Has never enjoyed the dance in the rain.”


A collection of fine poems, Dance In The Rain, is a beautiful book to read and reflect upon. Yes, the author has poured her heart out to smear the pages with a bounty of emotions and feelings that touch our skin every now and then. We try to escape the surge of emotions but such works of poetry trap us into immersing ourselves in them, all over again!

The anthology has poems on varying subjects – from love, dreams, the courage to rise again to the plight of a woman subjected to ordeals. They are well-written and presented. The flow of thoughts is palpable as you move along the course of the poems rich in vocabulary and subtle expressions. A few of them are very interesting which touched my heart. Through the poems runs the searing pain and blooming love that would tickle you and might even leave you in the lurch to ponder over its gravity.

Poems like ‘I don’t know why’ just mirrored my own state of mind and hence, it’s my favorite. Seriously, the readers would find the poems expressing their own lives. They would see themselves in the ocean of words. Each poem will find a way to your heart or maybe, even to your soul. This is the real beauty – reading something that you have been feeling for long!

So, the one who finds immense pleasure in reading the poetry and is willing to run his eyes through the delightful works of poetry, Do read this book! The book has something really good to offer you. 


Book Cover: 4/5

Book Title: 4/5

Writing Style: 4/5

Narration: 3.5/5

Language and Vocabulary: 4/5

Grammar and Punctuation: 4/5

Grab Your Copy Here:

Dance In The Rain


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