How to react when someone is shouting at you in anger?

Quite a many times we are stuck in the situations when we have to face the anger of others. The words coming from the other mouth might be excruciating and withstanding them may seem really difficult. Your heart may not take it anymore and you’ll feel an urge to thrash the person or even smack him on his face.

Aah! This violent thought can destroy our relationships as well as disturb our mental equilibrium. But what is the solution???

Just stay silent and unmoved by the anger of the opposite party. Take a quick walk within your mind and tell it to stay nonchalant.

Take the anger easily and do not let its negative vibe seep into your hearts.

And if the situation turns unbearable, just leave the place. Let their anger not overpower you. Wear a smile that could burn down their wrath into ashes!


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