You Left, Just Like That… – Poem

You left, just like that
With no goodbye on my empty plate.
No word exchanged
No last memories of togetherness to retain
A slate I became
Blank and Black, as the colors fade.
The Summer I met you
Burns a hole in my heart.
The flame of the beautiful past
Flickers every now and then to tear me apart.
The monsoon we talked
And shared a million thoughts
A billion dreams of being together
Were being lovingly tied in a knot.
With Autumn, you changed
Like color of leaves
When Season alters
And the vista alters its mien.
And you went away, out of the blue,
Building up an arcane vibe around you.
The leaves fell
And so did my eyes swell.
Dusk became dawn,
And then again night arrived
All I did was bemoan
Your silent, abrupt departure from my life.
Numerous questions stay hanging in the air
The air that chokes my breath
Thinking of you and us
And a distance that appeared between, out of nowhere.
You made a sudden dismissal of the brewing love
And my heart aches every time I look at the sky above.


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