In the midst of dark forests, I knew

I would discover the elusive way to you.

As I walked along the lanes of blues

I despaired and the fear grew

But to have you was the thing that drew

Me, on the rocky path to you.

Uneasiness crept over me

And the voices surrounding me were cacophonies

Yet I had to continue

On the way leading to you.

Fear descended over and consumed me in bits

But it could not gallop my stubborn spirits.

To stop and run away was the last thing on my head

I took a journey so long not to escape.

The audacity that laid dormant

Beneath my coward skin was evoked

By my subconscious

To push me ahead in my battle.

I wasn’t ready to give up and screw

The struggle that infused in me the pain which was new.

Nevertheless, I kept trudging along howling

Like a beast that I have never seen before in my vicinity.

The long, strenuous war came to an end

Sweat and blood and tiring efforts were my magical wand

To attain you, my dear success

To be blessed with your largesse.

I didn’t shake or took the rest

Nor I let myself succumb to the unrest.

Because apparently, beforehand, I knew

The way would not be easy, leading to you!


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8 thoughts on “THE WAY TO YOU – Poem

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