WHO AM I? – Poem

Who am I?

A piece of subtle poetry

Or a chapter of a huge prose?

Who am I?

Colors of the rainbow

Or a mere metaphor of monochrome?

Who am I?

The spices of a delectable cuisine

Or the simple taste of a boiled veggie?

Who am I?

The exuberance of the party

Or the silence of the serenity?

Who am I?

The lover of the sunshine

Or a hidden and unheard nyctophile?

Who am I?

The motion of the time

Or the stagnant being who people envy?

Who am I?

The bubbly me I show to the world

Or what lays dormant beneath my chime?


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25 thoughts on “WHO AM I? – Poem

  1. Amazing perfection of word’s..
    Especially that , ” Who am I the motion of time or the stagnant being who people envy..” really great.. Thanks for sharing and keep sharing such amazing thoughts and creations..

    Liked by 2 people

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