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How reading novels helped me!

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Reading is a continuous process of sharpening your mind while you are still busy with achieving your goals on the different fronts. We have heard and read so much about the eminent and illustrious personalities founding solace in reading books. Their lifestyle is comprised of a major chunk of their routine devoted to reading. It is because, with their experiences including a series of successes and failures, they have imbibed the fact in them that the reading paves the way for a mind to turn receptive.

I shall list down how reading novels helped me:

  • Since childhood, I have been attracted to words and books. For some reason unknown to me, this affinity only grew to extend a helping hand in brushing aside my introvert nature.
  • I always want to become a storyteller and there is no way better than reading books to learn the art of knitting stories into words.
  • Novels didn’t help me to escape the reality. Instead, they gave me lessons and strength to brave the challenges and oddities.
  • Even today when I find myself in low spirits, I quickly pick up a book to uplift my mood and get going with life.
  • Different stories have helped me to develop my emotional quotient. It has definitely aided in connecting with different people at different emotional levels. In this way, I have grown more sensitive towards others. My understanding has greatly improved thereby blessing me with abundant and wholesome relationships.
  • Novels drew me close to connecting with different cultures and places. I am a big time travel freak and novels are of great help to me in fulfilling my desires.
  • Reading novels helps you in beating your stress and pull you out of your depression.
  • Lastly, Novels are not merely accounts of fantasy or figment of the imagination. Rather they form the reality which inspires and brings us ecstasy.

So, read more. Savor each book, each page, each word, each thought. Nourish it and make reading an inevitable part of your life!

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23 thoughts on “How reading novels helped me!

  1. Lovely thought and worthy passions expressed here, Dear. You communicated exactly how you felt about books and reading, which I identified with. I think as a child I read to escape. Now, as an old lady, I read to learn to experience all I haven’t and probably won’t in my lifetime. Because I want MORE, I turn to books and find in them the solutions to my limited time left, greedily gobbling up authors’ opinions and experiences I have not tasted myself. Reading is a way to do this.

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  2. Such profoundly crafted thoughts. Indeed the world of books has its own set of fascination and fantasy at play. Once we are into it, we cherish every bit of that close engagement with different characters and intriguing plots and enchanting scenes that keep taking us away from the mundane and the reality into the realms of imagination and visualization that makes us feel elated. And there is a solid ground that gets ably created with the power of knowledge and the perspective that comes with such ardent reading. It is such a fantastic engagement, the more we explore the more we enjoy the process discovering not just the world in the book but so much inside of us get graciously revealed. Stories does nurture our emotional quotient that is so much needed in today’s such volatile and vagaries that keep hitting us.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Ardent Reading does help in enhancing our emotional quotient thereby making us more compassionate. At the same time, it adds a lot to our knowledge base as well.

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