I Shall Always Love You – Book Review

  • Author: Shilpa Jain
  • Genre: Romance
  • Paperback 168 pages
  • Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors; First edition (20 May 2018)
  • Language: English


Shiv Sanyal is a celebrated artist. When he meets an enigmatic woman, he creates a sculpture of her, his masterpiece. He is shocked when he is publicly humiliated for copying a Khajuraho figurine that looks just like this mysterious woman. He decides to visit Khajuraho to unveil the truth.
Stumbling upon revelations and facts long hidden, he discovers his connection to the glorious past of Khajuraho. Unexpected events in Khajuraho and Mumbai force him and his friends to go on a quest to find a hidden treasure with clues in a missing Khajuraho sculpture. They travel across India and visit various ancient temples to find clues leading to the treasure.
What is this treasure? Who is compelling them to seek it? Who is Shiv’s friend and who is his enemy? How has the universe woven the lives of his friends into his life?
I Shall Always Love You is a thrilling tale of love that never dies, treasures that lay buried and truths that go deeper than the seas.

My Review

Do you believe in past lives or past life regression? Do vague memories haunt you? Does something around you appear strikingly familiar in your very first encounter with it? Does love transcend the time and space?

I Shall Always Love You is a romance fiction with an interesting take on past lives. It has suspense, love, friendships, loyalty, affection, racing past its narrative. The hunt is for treasure. Let’s see if our hero finds it? A mystery lingers in the whole book and the end stupefies. Well, the revelation caught me off guard but I didn’t feel like as it came. It just flickered for a moment and no trace of the culprit behind the whole book is to be found in the book.

The book effectively describes the beauty of the sculptures of Khajuraho. The description is well-written as it transported me to the same land where the whole story took place. The story was fresh and made sense. In fact, it brought out the emotion of love delightfully. Perhaps, love exists beyond the boundaries of time!

The character development is good. All the faces get ample space to showcase themselves. However, Shiv manages to leave a lasting impression on his reader’s mind. He is smart, shrewd, generous and values his relationships. He is an amazing artist and yet takes an allegation of copying an artwork in his stride nonchalantly. He does not boast the valuables of his father. He is gutsy enough to choose his own path and walk the unbeaten track. He is strong-willed to protect his love and proves it.

Nonetheless, there are a few loopholes which didn’t go well with the book. A more aesthetic cover could have enhanced the beauty of the book that revolves around archaic sculptures. The pace of the narrative isn’t uniform. At few points, I felt as if the story is running. A few instances were abrupt and a reader might feel disinterested to continue. The story, though is good, but not fantastic. It is a good read for one time only. It does not intrigue you but had it been a movie, you would have loved it.

If you are looking for some pleasant read to kill the time(maybe during a journey) or if the love and past lives interest you a lot or you are a new new reader; hey! grab this book. It will entertain you.

MY RATING: 3.5/ 5



Shilpa Jain is a doctor with over twenty years of experience in medical practice. She also has wide experience in medical writing and editing. She has worked as a corporate medical officer and counselor. Over the period of last three years, she developed a keen interest in creative writing and began writing her novels.

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