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Staggering Humanity – Poem

Plagued is our world

with umpteen diseases,

with hatred and gore,

reigning its atmosphere.

The musty air

coagulates our emotions

chokes our consciousness

and make us demons.

Hardwired were we,

to spread the love and kindness.

but we tampered with it

to suit our will of embracing coldness.

We look around

in each other’s face

with a smug, and smirk at

the hapless state of the poor fellow being.

We turned into hopeless sadists

and addicted to afflict others with pain.

Happiness took its solace in us

only when we let the cruelty run in our veins.

We want to grow and prosper

but at the expense of

others’ defeats.

We wish to conquer the mountains

by pushing others down the lane.

Have we forgotten that

to conquer anything else

first, you need to conquer yourself!

Hold on to the aggravating inhumanity

slowly carving a hole in your hearts

which would only get bigger and dreadful

if we didn’t play our necessary part!

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