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Poem by Shivangi Dua

I still remember that dusk, 

Where all my life changed. 

I still remember the day, 

When the rain had taken over the sky. 

I still remember the day, 

When all I could hear was lightning. 

I still remember the fright in my eyes, 

When I saw the shadow behind. 

Still, remember the shiver, 

When the footsteps came closer. 

I still remember the moment, 

The waves of laughter took over. 

I still remember the pain, 

When someone pulled me closer. 

I still remember the second, 

When he raised the hand and I blanked out. 

I still remember the feel of each of them, 

When they roughly grabbed me wrong. 

I still remember my urge to run, 

When dirty hands ripped my pure soul.

I still remember the scent of him, 

When his hands had nothing but blood. 

I still remember the soft touch, 

When he slowly took me to heaven. 

I still remember running away, 

When he promised to take the pain away. 

Only because I didn’t fear pain but what I feared, 

Was them running away, 

Was them doing this again, 

Was them breaking another me again…

I still remember fighting death, 

When I had to take the demons to the stake… 

~Shivani Dua

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