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INKREDIA: Luwan of Brida – Book Review

One must overcome perils to reach the pinnacle!

  • Author: Sarang Mahajan
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Paperback: 388 pages
  • Publisher: Gloryburg; First edition (2017)
  • Language: English


When danger looms tall, feeble men break and diminish,

Cowards bow before the mighty and choose insignificance,

But a brave man looks for a way to change a life,

For every danger hides within it an opportunity.

Luwan of Brida is a villager and a herb-collector who displays the audacity to refute the Lord Gruwak’s Tax Collector. His simple act of courage renders him to run for his life. His sister Meg accompanies him in his escapade along with a friend, Narjo, who succumbs to the brutalities of the ones chasing Luwan. The ghastly game of chase unfurls many truths to the naive mind of Luwan who slowly assimilates what it takes to be born in a family with a splendid lineage. He is guided by a book given to him by his mother. The book directs him towards his destiny – towards the Guardian of Destiny. He possesses a Medallion that perhaps brings him misfortune. On their way, Luwan and Meg meet Kiliarn, a mysterious man, who becomes their protector and guards them against all the odds. Their journey starts off from the beautiful land of valleys, Brida, to Mktara, Jinora, Nedra culminating finally in Tashkrum(the City). As Luwan and his sister are thrown in a relentless run across a great distance, Luwan learns about fascinating places, powerful relics and about the dark side of the world.

What is the force of Ilmor? What are nonhumans? Can Luwan protect his sister? Will he find answers to all the mysteries? Order your copy to find out.

My Review

When I picked up this book, I didn’t know that it will turn out to be such an amazing roller-coaster ride for me. There is everything in this – adventure, mystery, love, kindness, humanity and not to forget, the presence of the dark powers!

Set in the beautiful land of Brida atop hills, the book takes you through a whole new level of games of conspiracies. Inkredia is one big majestic empire and Brida is just a tiny part of it. The protagonist Luwan is all ready to mesmerize you as soon as you embark on your journey with this phenomenal piece of fantasy. And believe me, once you’ll begin, there won’t be any looking back. Certain other important characters were Meg, Kiliarn, the nasty Ghork Riders, Scaburn, and Narjo to name a few. Together, they will throw you into the whirlpool of adventure and you’ll have to clutch to your ground because you can’t let go until you reach the final page!

Luwan is a petty villager of Brida who has got the balls to say NO to the taxes imposed by a dictator Lord Gruwak. His audacity earns him the luxury of being chased by the most horrendous of the assassins, the Ghork Riders. The description of the monstrous creatures would shake you. Luwan witnesses the brutal death of his friend and gets to run for his life and that of his sister’s. Throughout his journey of two days, the unexpected turn of events changes him. He was a reckless villager then, he is a wary young man now! He exhibits shrewdness as he tricks the Ghork Riders. By the end of a deadly chase, he is rewarded with a bow that has chosen him and the road to his destiny that awaits him dearly!

The book consists of many underlying themes. There is a love of a brother for his sister, the affection of a stranger Kiliarn, the faithfulness of the ferociously friendly beasts – Blaze and Snow, the distrust that arises in Luwan’s head when confronted with death, the sincerity of Narjo as he takes the death upon himself. The most important thing I learned from the book is the conquer your fears. Master them before they eat you away. And do not fall prey to tough times because only

Darkest of Coals reveal the fairest of diamonds!

“Courage cannot exist without fear. Fear is there to make you strong.” Truly, had the fear not seeped into the mind of Luwan, he wouldn’t have made to Tashkrum remaining safe and sound.

It is a plot-driven book. You won’t find elaborate character development but you’ll savor how those characters take the story forward. The subtle narration intrigued me and so it would bind you. Each sequence, each incident has been described very well. All the turbulence that is rife in the story takes your breath away. The sharp turn of events renders you speechless. Not for the briefest of the moments, I could take my eyes off the thrilling picture rolling before my eyes as I went ahead with every page. I lived Luwan through the book. And not just him, I could feel Meg and Kiliarn and the Ghork Riders.

The story indeed has a magical pull. You can’t stop flipping the pages. Words and expressions are perfectly put to enhance readers’ experience. The entire narrative is riveting and wonderful enough to keep you at the edge of your seat. Being a fan of mystery and thriller, the book was ideal for my weekend! The darker aspects of the novel got me completely. In fact, as soon as I arrived at the end, since then, I am wistfully waiting to have its sequel in my hands. One must read it. It is totally worth your time. It would be a fantastic read as it will suck you into the lingering mystery and bewildering conspiracies.

Hope is like a setting sun. It is always there but in difficult times – only those who possess the two virtues of strength and courage can find it!

By the way, have you heard of the Monfrits and the Smokemen? NO! Then do read this book. A different life with its nuances awaits you!

My Rating: 5/ 5

Grab Your Copy: INKREDIA Luwan of Brida



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