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The Lost Arcanum – Book Review

  • Author: Navin Reuben Dawson
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery
  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Invincible Publishers; 1st edition (3 February 2018)
  • Language: English


Jake Stevens is a CBI officer who is roped in to solve a murder case but suddenly, he is pulled out of it. The revelation of the truth behind his father’s abandonment of him and his mother outrage him. An esoteric mystery meets his eye and he is adamant about solving it. His father is one amongst the four scientists killed for being the guardians of a deadly truth. And now, Jake is all set to avenge his father’s untimely death. He is on the target of the General Balbeer Singh who sees him as a threat to national security. He wants the buried truth to remain that way but Jake’s stubbornness causes him strain. Why Balbeer wants the devastating prehistoric secret to be a secret?

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The Lost Arcanum

In his journey, he comes across several bewildering truths. He is accompanied by Taneez who is a historian ad together they embark on a thrilling expedition to unravel the mystery. What is the lethal truth which deserves to be buried? Would Jake be able to uncover it? Where the search for lost arcanum will take Jake? Read the book to have an exhilarating experience.

My Review

History has always been my favorite subject. It intrigues me, unlike the science. Spirituality is another of my interest areas and a riveting topic to dwell upon. And thriller is the genre I absolutely love like a mad woman. This book, to my expectations, had everything and all I can say for this is – Majestic!

Once you pick up this book, there won’t be any turning back. It is actually a page-turner plot that compels you to flip through the pages and widen your pupils. Damn! the narrative is wonderful. I am amazed by the storytelling of the author who incorporated alchemy, spirituality, history, anthropology, evolution, science and history, altogether in a single voluminous book. It is a feast for an ardent lover of books and a prized possession for a bibliophile. The sinister deeds to bury a devastating secret have pulled the show. And more than that, the secret itself is a gift if you could drag yourself through this thick book. I am sure it is going to be a super amazing ride.

The lucidity of language and the uniform pace of the events render it intriguing. The book is filled with dollops of baffling revelations and discoveries. They are jaw-dropping, yes they are! I mean have you ever wondered about our existence? This book promises to deliver you a truth that would shake your belief in religion and your very own existence. The knowledge of an esoteric race who are described to be the antecedents of us, the homo-sapiens, will blow your mind. Well, I a not going to play a spoilsport. You must check the whole fantastic story for yourself.

What I would say is the character development is very methodical. The whole story is neat and one would love to pore over the pages time and again. The amount of wisdom it proffers is immense. I didn’t have the slightest clue that the lost arcane knowledge would be so thrilling. The cover is an absolute love and man, the thickness of the book is tempting. And if not any of these, just start reading and the sequence of events will pique your interest. The science behind Alchemy caught me off guard. I was totally swept off by my feet. The author has described each and every situation and place with ardor and this reflected in the way I could connect with them.

The mind has the potential to alter matter.

I am deeply moved by the information provided in the book. It enriched my reading experience. I felt satisfied after finishing this book. To be honest, the concepts brought forth in the book are unique and I totally appreciate the author for his commendable job in penning down The Lost Arcanum.

However, a round of editing is needed because a few typos were noticeable. The quality of content must be complemented by the rich printing as well. Otherwise, the book is lovely.

Folks! Go for the book even if mystery, history, and thriller is not niche. I am sure that you would thank me for recommending this one! Looking forward to reading more from the author.


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