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Survival Sandstorm – Book Review

  • Author: Mehul Jangir
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Paperback: 175 pages
  • Publisher: Quignog; First edition (15 December 2017)
  • Language: English


Aboard the plane that battles the devilish storm over the great Sahara are three hostages from Nazi Germany, three hostages who can change the course of World War II if they reach their destination. Can Ivsker Vodkech, the best pilot in the Soviet Union, the battle against all odds to deliver the three hostages into Allied hands? Can he uncover the horrific organization operating in Africa? Can he survive?

My Review

I am someone who is totally into history. I am always fascinated by how the history unfolds itself in the books as it transcends the boundaries of time. Our present heavily depends upon the history.

The young prodigious author, Mehul Jangir, went beyond his age and penned down the Survival Sandstorm. The book is written in a lucid language with all the right inputs and that made me think about the World War 2 from a different perspective. It is a book that traces the journey and the course of events leading to altering of the direction of World War 2.

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The gory details of Ivsker subjected to torture by a woman made me shriek in terror. The ruthless killing of the hostages bewildered me. The custom of the slave trade was equally terrifying. I wish the book was longer because it felt that there could be a lot of depth to cover for the subject under consideration. The whole topic has a lot of scope and ought to be treated well in great detail. The story could have been crisp and more interesting.

The best part about the book is that it has been divided into small chapters that maintain the interest of the readers throughout the book. Each important character of the story has a story to tell and so he does with the discrete chapters. The author has done a good job of balancing the equilibrium of the narrative as he goes on handling the distinct stories together. Well, the maturity of the content took me by surprise considering the age of the author. He has done a marvelous job in researching on the subject and weaving an interesting story for the readers. The level of language, coherence in the thoughts and smooth transition of the narrative held me. Long way for the young author to go! I am looking forward to reading its second part.

Until then, readers, Do read this book.

My Rating: 4/ 5


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