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Love & Emotions – Guest Post by Arshi Dokadia


What is love again?

Is it a feeling? An emotion? Or something entirely different. I am not the first person to ask the question or attempt at defining love. Every artist has attempted to make sense of the fleeting, vague, yet, frequently used word.

Some say that constancy is the essence of love, like Shakespeare and Donne. Shakespeare said in his sonnet,

“ Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark”

And Donne compared it to a compass, saying that even if they are apart, their love joins them together, thus, distance doesn’t fail their love.

Some pragmatic souls, like G. B. Shaw and Andrew Marvell, have a materialistic outlook on love, where, love is a slave to the materialistic outlook. To be loved, one must change.

What is love then?

Talking to my sister, I have come to realize one thing about relationships: their span have become comparatively shorter from when I was seventeen.  Is love even present between two hormonal teens, who in the fast-paced love are just clinging to each other for attention and approval?


I think this emotion, this feeling, this enigma is difficult to define, to put a finger on because it is all-encompassing and affects every person in a different manner. But like constancy, I find that love often becomes synonymous to sacrifice. I have heard people say that true love does not bend, does not require change, and if you love someone truly than you wouldn’t want them to change.

I don’t think so.

It is an inherited tendency for humans to sacrifice themselves for the ones they love.
That’s why we live and breathe, for if our mothers had opted against sacrifice, she wouldn’t have gone through the pains and struggles of pregnancy. No woman would have borne a child because it was just too hard.

Have you noticed how many times, your father had sacrificed their luxury for the sake of yours? Or perhaps, you sacrificed your desires for the love of your parents and siblings.


It is more than just a simple action word, isn’t it? Sometimes, this sacrifice affects your body and soul. No sacrifice is easy. It comes with bowing down. Our egos don’t like bowing down. Yet, we do. We know it is hard. We know love comes with a plethora of emotions: envy, vulnerability, happiness, bliss, desperation, dependency and many more.

We know a fall leaves you bruised and broken, but we choose to fall in love. Why? Why is the love worth it all? Why is love worth all the sacrifices? Why is the love worth the insanity?

Spend an hour of the day with family, all the gadgets and distraction aside. Talk about your day, hear of yours. Tease each other mercilessly. Speak of your fears and aspirations. Cry for the losses incurred. Express yourself to your family. Experience the serenity that comes with it. You will know the answer of why even the most pragmatic souls fall to the clutches of love.

Arshi Dokadia

Connect With The Author:

Arshi Dokadia is a twenty-three-year-old, currently pursuing her masters’ in Psychology. Apart from the field of mental health, she loves to read and write, spending most of her free time in pursuit of books and writing on Wattpad.

Find her here

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