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Emotions and Elation – Book Review

  • Author: Banani Das Dhar
  • Genre: True Accounts
  • Paperback: 69 pages
  • Publisher: HALF BAKED BEANS (4 June 2018)

My Review

Being a young girl, I was initially reluctant to pick up this book, Emotions And Elation but I guess, have I not read this book, I wouldn’t have come across a beautiful journey of Parenthood.

The book is a pregnancy memoir, a first-hand account of the author Banani Das Dhar who has lived her pregnancy in it. She has shared her tumultuous emotions of those crucial nine months and the sempiternal bliss of holding one’s bundle of joy in one’s arm.

Right from her anxiety of checking her pregnancy at home to encountering her fears of labor, her journey was nowhere a guide. Rather it was a personal account put subtly and honestly. I could most certainly and vividly feel the author’s life changing beautifully in those nine months. Throughout her journey, her husband stood beside her firmly and provided her his unwavering affection and support. Their long relationship of 15 years has been brought out in this book. Their love stood against everything only to become stronger. I was awed by the feelings of the father-to-be also written in the book. It strengthens the point that the husband made – “We were Pregnant.”

I am deeply amazed by everything described in the book. The routine check-ups, seeing the first image of your baby on the screen, feeling his antics, surviving the unexpected but inevitable mood swings, the support that the partners showed to each other, the mutual joy of holding their baby – everything appeared delightful. The narration is engaging, no doubt. I finished the book in a go.

The honesty with which the book has been penned would definitely draw the readers towards it. If I could read the book, it was primarily because of the reflection of the author I could see in it. That’s the thing – Genuity overpowers everything.

I feel pleased to read this book that explains the tough but a beautiful journey of becoming a parent. Indeed, parenthood changes your life in a way that it never remains the same as before. A change which is supremely divine in its essence!

MY RATING: 4.5/ 5


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