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Chasing India’s Demographic Dividend – Book Review

  • Author: J. P. Rai
  • Genre: Non-fiction (Public Administration)
  • Paperback 
  • Publisher: Kautilya Books (2018)

My Review

India is a democratic nation which is famed for its young workforce. The Demographic Dividend categorically refers to the growth in an economy that is the resultant effect of a change in the age structure of a country’s population. And it is this concept which the author has tried to capture in this book.

The author begins by speaking about the general and vocational education. The current scenario of the vocational education is quite unpleasant. People are driven by fear and hence opt for conventional education despite different academic inclinations. Such is the tragedy of our country. An analysis has been done to make out whether why there is more affinity for general education and not vocational education. This analysis is coupled with concrete facts and sound opinion to make it substantial.

There is a dearth of the employable workforce in India which is highlighted by the author in order to emphasize the dismal state of employment in India. People have honed their technical skills but the want of crucial soft skills takes an upper hand over it. The author goes on to talk about the several initiatives taken by the government for ‘skilling’ India and how every time some or the other loopholes have cropped in. This calls for a change which towards the conclusion has been suggested.

The book is a pure non-fiction which has some very important facts about the contemporary situation of India. There is no elaboration. It is pretty short and a quick read. The subtle use of language and ample points to put forth as evidence is nice. It adds to the usefulness of the book. Moreover, an extensive research and scholarly articles on National Skill Development provide amazing insights into the much-debated topic.

For people who would love to know more about India and the policies implemented by the Government must go for this book. Anyone who has a penchant for informative and educative stuff should find it very interesting. One would savor it to quench his appetite for knowledge.





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