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Zidd – Book Review

  • Author: Hetansh Desai
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction
  • Paperback: 162 pages
  • Publisher: HALF BAKED BEANS (15 August 2018)


Vihaan is a college dropout who believes in thinking big. Parth is a tea vendor who knows how to sell. Together, they make a perfect combination. Vihaan loves Raina who refuses to accept it. A bitter spat between the two leads Vihaan to go ahead doing something big. And then starts the journey of the two young men to buy the most expensive hoarding space in Ahmedabad.

My Review

To accomplish big, you need to think big and do big!

Zidd is the debut book of the author who has attempted to carve a different story with two main characters – Parth and Vihaan. The story is simple and has no uniqueness which would home in the potential readers. But what turns out to be its selling point is its Genuity. What interested me was the passion coursing throughout the book. What hooked me to the book was the Zidd!

Vihaan aspires to achieve something big in his life. This is because he thinks big but the tragedy is that he doesn’t know how to sell. Whereas there is Parth who falls short of a proper education and a conducive atmosphere for his dreams but knows how to market himself. Here’s the catch. One completes the other. Both turn out to complement each other well and their passionate journey motivates.

Zidd expresses stubbornness. It means passion, an incomprehensible and inextinguishable fire of fervor to achieve something. The willingness of the two men to create an identity of their own is heavily inspiring. It tells us that how crucial it is to think and work, in proper proportions, in order to win.

The language of the book is quite simple. There is no verbosity or Greek terms. The story connects the readers to where they are. It connects them to their roots. The description is okay. The storytelling is fine which could definitely be improved to produce an engaging story. The cover goes hand in hand with the end of the story which is again cool. However, a more appropriate title could have been chosen. Moreover, what I absolutely dislike is the insertion of Hindi words in an English novel. The essence of the story loses its way thereby failing to create an impact. I hope if this could be taken care of in the future.

Overall, one could go for this book for having a light read!


BOOK YOUR COPY: Zidd by Hetansh Desai

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