Aesthetics Of October!

Rains have subsided, the petrichor has disappeared, summers have retreated long back and what we have ahead is the melancholic Autumn!

October is here and is dancing with its utmost vigor. It inflicts upon us a tinge of sadness and yet makes an offering for happiness. It beckons us with its shine and splendor and pushes us away with its ennui and despondency. The tragedy is that it can’t separate itself from pain. Sadness is inherent in its fabric, in its existence. Whatsoever may be the conditions, October cannot be seen apart from the very substance of its presence – the melancholy.

And surprisingly, just like autumn cannot leave its cloak of sadness so do we can’t give away with the presence of October in our lives. It is there, it will be there sticking to us like our shadow. It will be there with us when we will live and live to the fullest. It will be there, no matter what, in our moments of exuberance and gaiety. October is us and we are October. We are supposed to shed our older self and make ourselves comfortable in the new skin. This is life and this is the process we ought to live. October makes us, it enhances who we are, it improves our being, it signifies our past, speaks volumes about our experiences, enmeshes our memories, holds our acquired identity, contains our relations, comprises our very existence, is a sign of an end and marks the new beginning, which is undoubtedly, inevitable!

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16 thoughts on “Aesthetics Of October!

  1. What an eloquent description of the month that is going on. Yes October sure is made up of the fabric called melancholy, but festivities that are forthcoming also make it a month of hope. isn’t it?

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  2. Your descriptions are so beautiful! It makes me want to go out and take a long walk under yellowing tress and fallen leaves. Except it’s night outside right now and I can’t do any of that, lol. 😀 Lovely post, Khyati! 🙂

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