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8 Down From Saharanpur: Book Review

  • Author: Kumar L
  • Genre: Fiction/ Short Stories
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 70 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English


Packed with six different short stories, 8 Down From Saharanpur is an engaging bundle of thrill that gives you enough substance for self-discovery, fear, and exploration. There is a woman out for revenge, there is a warrior in the jungle, there are bread & eggs, there is a chance meeting with a freedom fighter in British India, there is a corporate executive looking for a plan, and there are Zombies! Welcome to the never imagined world of fantasy, horror, and mystery.

My Review

Finishing a book in an hour might seem a herculean task but when you have something like 8 Down From Saharanpur in front of you, it is quite a smooth sail.

The book is a collection of six short stories each containing a different reason to love it. A 70-page read is very engaging and one would seamlessly slip from one story to the other. A few stories draw inspiration from our real lives. This realistic appeal of their content makes a reader identify with it. And there are some which go beyond the realms of our imagination to challenge it. The stories are simple but attractive.

Revenge, fear, patriotism, grief, ambition have painted the narrative with their depth. This is how the stories seem closer to our lives, to our basic self. Emotions extend them that power. They entangle with history and still come out clear. They indulge in the ink of anger and grief and still come out clean. I loved their presentation and crispness which aided in living them. No unnecessary descriptions, no mundane stretches, just to the point narration.

I loved how Muru finds his true calling in serving his nation. I was moved by the two ladies surviving in the shadows of the impenetrable silence. I was thrilled to read through the life that has to face the ‘cursed.’ In the nutshell, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.

One must go for this book. You would ask WHY? Here are the reasons:

  • It is pretty short and crisp.
  • There is no unnecessary drama.
  • The stories are fresh and bewildering
  • The writing style is gripping.
  • At no point, you feel the monotony drawing over you.

MY RATING: 4.5/ 5 


9 thoughts on “8 Down From Saharanpur: Book Review

  1. I have always loved books or stories that have enough current culture detail to persuade the reader “it” COULD happen, even today. I remember back in the 70’s reading Rosemary’s Baby, and there was a section where Rosemary was watching a pope’s visit to the US on TV while she was ironing. Somehow that tiny detail made me think, maybe this character really IS carrying the Devil’s baby.

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