Sniper’s Eye – Book Review

  • Author: Mainak Dhar
  • Genre: Crime Thriller & Mystery
  • Paperback: 238 pages
  • Publisher: TARA PRESS; First edition (2018)
  • Language: English


Aaditya Ghosh is a corporate professional leading a simple life with his love Zoya. They are out on a date when a high-caliber shot caught him off guard. He is bewildered to confront a sniper in the middle of a mall in Mumbai. As the count of dead increases, his past unfolds before him. The life takes an unexpected turn and all he is left with is to make a move – to become the one he was long back. In his journey, he meets the person who has sworn to kill him. But life makes them stay together to avenge their misery against a common enemy of theirs. Would Aaditya stay alive? What is the mystery behind the Snipers? Read more to find out-


My Review

A fresh plotline that too belonging to thriller, was an amazing experience!

Sniper’s Eye is a crime thriller which is unusually fast-paced and riveting in its style of writing. I finished it in a single seating because as soon as you finish a page, you want to jump to the next to find out what happened next! This is how gripping the novel is. It captures the prevalent political tensions between India and Pakistan along with the villainous influence of the politicians in it for serving their own interests. It also highlights the role of media and how it possesses the power to make or break anyone’s career. The wrong people always leverage it to have an upper hand over the justice. The novel goes on to explain the fine difference between a mere killer and a hero. In the end, justice prevails and the truth triumphs over the trumpet of lies.

The character portrayal of Aaditya has been done really well. In fact, every sequence has been sketched and arranged perfectly. There is no break in the flow of thought. There is no gap between one incident and the other. In this manner, the author manages to hold his readers’ attention. The description of the stark truth of drug trafficking left me wondering as to how to hide one misdeed, several crimes are committed. So many lives are sacrificed to get away with the punitive act. And the dignity of people is put on the stake as well.

It is a short and compelling book with an intriguing narrative. One who takes pleasure in reading a crime thriller must definitely go for this book. It wouldn’t disappoint you and you can take my word for this!

MY RATING: 4.5/ 5


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