Faith’s Eternal Sunshine – Book Review

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Author: Aashish Gupta
  • Genre: Literary & Fiction
  • Print Length: 175 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

Synopsis as on Goodreads:

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Faith’s Eternal Sunshine

Manjiri, a devout atheist, is meeting her friend Manu after 20 years. Their conversation soon turns into an argument over God’s existence, and its nature. What seemed to be a harmless debate becomes Manjiri’s worst nightmare when she is trapped by Manu in a cell. Are Manu’s intentions malign or is this some weird test of faith? Take a seat, buckle your belt, as you set yourself on the world’s most claustrophobic, yet enlightening, journey of Manjiri. Be prepared to see life in a radically different way with this bold, edge of the seat thriller.

My Review

“Faith does not open doors, but shows you doors that are open. Doors that are right in front of us that we don’t see because we are too busy not believing that a door exists.”

Faith is an intangible but a palpable substance of thought. You might not have it but it will always have you – at the drop of a hat – once you shed the skin of your purposeless life and its materialism.

Manjri and Manu are old friends who meet after, what seems an eternity, 20 long years. Together they set out on a boat to an island in search of truth. Manjri is naive while Manu is enlightened. It seems that he is draped in a white cloth from head to toe, the robe of wisdom. What happens after that shakes our beliefs and we are rendered speechless while the darkest buried truths are revealed.

Through the life of Manjri in a squalid prison cell, we peek into the world of miseries. We are on a roller-coaster ride experiencing dynamic aspects of the world around us. We are admitted into the place which we see every day but rarely take a notice of. We are made to see the power of faith and that of small miracles. Faith is the supreme thing of beauty and strength. If we have it, we have it all.

When Manjri is placed in the prison, she experiences absolute darkness. And with the dark clouds come the rains. Rains of bliss and cognition. When her conscious becomes one with the all-powerful faith.

“There is something in the nothingness that is more valuable than the nothingness that comes with having everything.”

The book challenges our notions of having possession of material valuables. Its provocative words evoke our deepest consciousness lying dormant beneath our surface. We assume that the problems manifest in our lives are huge. They are very heavy. But just look around, and look a little more and perhaps then, you wouldn’t feel so. The story defines the importance of Pain. Pain is an inseparable part of life, not because some higher force demands it, but it is essential for the very existence of life. Only when we are subjected to the heat of pain and grief, we realize the shine that was worth the wait.

Faith’s Eternal Sunshine has the trademark writing style and choice of the plotline of Aashish Gupta. I have read his The Demons In My Mind and it too has the same description of prison cell bringing out the light within one’s self. He uses the shady elements and extreme torture to refine his characters. That makes his work stand apart. I like the feel his books give me, the acute pain after finishing them because the narrative was way too heavy for my mind to hold onto. And the climax is, as always, spectacular for me to believe what just happened before. The subtle narration coupled with a wonderful storyline is an eye-opener for its reader. it emphatically tells us that life has been designed perfectly with all the right ingredients. Everything is balanced – the joy, the sorrow, everything. Faith is the acceptance that nature’s plan is the best plan.

The author plays with so many narratives that we are engaged with the book. I finished it in a single seating. It is dark and it is compelling. Towards the end, it taught me the importance of life as well as death. With the grim truth of Manjiri’s life coming out layer by layer, I was overwhelmed. Truly, we need to overcome our pain by confronting it. And only then, we can go ahead. The eternal sunshine of faith is always at our disposal. We just need to recognize and embrace it.

The book is a fantastic one to pick up for an enriching reading experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to read something hard and fresh.

My Rating: 4.5/ 5

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