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Minuscules – Book Review

  • Author: Priyanka Bhatt
  • Genre: Poetry/ Literature & Fiction
  • Paperback: 150 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (2018)
  • Language: English

Blurb as on Goodreads

Today’s instant make-up, instant break-up generation has no time to spare time at all. They prefer enjoying eternity in moments to waiting eternally for that moment. Hence, these micro tales have become the latest fad.

Minuscules is a collection of unique micro tales and short stories that are spread over various themes. From horror to social issues to romance, these tales leave no topic unwritten about, no emotion unexplored. Though told with brevity, the impact of these stories can be more lingering than that of novels. To-the-point, poignant, relatable – this microfiction book can be read by anyone in today’s time – a teenager and an adult alike. Its varied range of themes is the cherry on the cake. Minuscules is a book that is sure to bring a smile to your face and tears to your eyes – and stay with you for a very long time.

My Review

“Why do you look so pale?”

Because I don’t wear a mask.

The starting snippet of this book under consideration took me. How simple and profound. It effuses the light of truth in the darkness we wear and move around.

Minuscules is a collection of micro tales and short stories representing its author’s life and worldview. The themes of the nuggets of evocative words range from love, betrayal, pain, hope, books, religion, to faith, horror, etc. There are rants expressing the sentiments of the author. They explicitly portray her grim experiences of life and her courage to withstand it all. The writing style is fairly simple. One would be comfortable and quick to connect with the words of the author.

It broke my heart when human lives are put on the stake because everything is fair in love and religion. The recognition of a raped woman’s distress and her expression of it gave me a jolt. How quick are we to judge and produce a verdict. How difficult it is for a victim to get on with her life and fight. I am moved when I stumbled upon this – Ageing isn’t a problem. Aging with a wrong person is. It speaks a lot if we try to measure its depth. Aditya’s story taught me the best that the old memories that bring desolation and disillusionment must be buried to lead a peaceful life. Aeons was a compelling love story which was never said but felt in the actions of the lover. The account on Art was my favorite. Here, I could relate best to the author’s whims and heartfelt emotions.

The book is a bundle of colorful emotions enwrapped in a black cover with a red feather. A feather symbolizes a brush and here, the author has painted her heart with the mighty pen. Indeed, a pen gives the wings to fly.

Though pain is predominant in the book yet I felt that it has not been exploited and put in every page. This was good. And if one finds it a bit poignant and sad, remind yourself that

Scars complete us and so they never leave us.



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