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URSA – Book Review

  • Author: Gurbaz Kaur
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Hardcover: 174 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers; 1st edition (20 February 2018)
  • Language: English

My Review

Dark is the sea

I dipped my soul in

Blue is the color

I bleed

Red is

What you see!

Poetry is always a beautiful thing. It tickles the soul and soothes it from within. It has an impact on the core and regardless of its complexity, it simplifies our being.

Ursa is a magnificent and delightful collection of poems of the author. The cover is tastefully designed. It had me at the very first sight. As you flip through the pages, you are welcomed to delve deeper into the secret places of the author’s heart. There is love smeared on each page, there is longing screaming out of them, there is the bliss of having your beloved spread across the lines, there is inexplicable ecstasy in and between the lines.

Poetry is truly a delicate art and to write a poem, it needs courage and finesses. Courage because you’ll be serving a piece of your heart in the poems and finesses because structuring lines so as to produce wonderful imagery is not easy. Gurbaz has put up a good show with her simple and short poems. Through them, I felt loads of love and the efforts it takes to conquer and experience the union and wholeness. The delight of experiencing the love-making has added crimson shades to the white pages. And yet there were a few of them which taught me that love is timeless, eternal, and lives on after death and beyond realms of ages & time.

The ones expressing the braveheart were my favorites. They give more power and strength to their readers.

Although wooden sword

but with an iron fist

She fights like a warrior

With a heart that of a saint.

If one wishes to soak oneself in the purity and happiness of poetry, Check this book out!

BUY YOUR COPY:  Ursa by Gurbaz Kaur

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