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What Will People Think? – Book Review

  • Author: Rashi Dubey
  • Genre: Literature & Fiction
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 103 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English


Riya is a dreamy girl who wants to paint the world with her lovely colors. But her parents never understand her desires. Instead, they continue comparing her with her brother Rishabh who is, according to them, an ideal son. When Riya decides to walk on her chosen path, her parents back off. Regardless of that, Riya is determined to make big in the world of artists. Let’s see if her life changes with time!

My Review

Riya’s heart has a variety of colors but her life is devoid of them. She dreams and those different hues paint her world of fantasies but when it comes to finding them around her, it is nowhere. Despite this, she resolves to lead her life the way she wants and that makes a big difference to her.

What-will-people-think is a popular and archaic syndrome which still prevails in our society. We tend to make choices which conform to the norms of the society. Our actions rely heavily on how people would react to them. And this causes us to take decisions which might not please us! Riya’s parents fail to see her land of dreams which are unique. They fail to acknowledge her talent and this drifts them apart from their daughter. Their inability to realize Riya’s potential draws them away from her which brings grief to both Riya and her parents. But in the end, what stays with them is the love and unconditional support of their daughter.

The story is plain and narrative didn’t excite me much. It was a very usual plotline for me wherein a girl rebels against her parents, moves out of their house to pursue her dreams and the story culminates into their long wanted reunion. The story doesn’t have a fresh perspective to offer me or an element of surprise which could really engage me. The central character of Riya is strong, determined, and brave. She is the only thing I liked in the whole book. The book has some vital life lessons to offer you which are enumerated below:

  • Every person has their own set of dreams. And we should be allowed to follow them irrespective of what others say.
  • Since every human being is unique, we shall have a different path to move on in life.
  • People have their own definition of success. The more you try to fit in the parameters set by other people, the more that scale gets raised up.
  • When there is none to compliment you, compliment yourself.
  • Be proud of your uniqueness and then everyone else will follow.

So, if you are willing to have a good time with a light book which is enough to entertain you for a while and offers some food for thought, go for this!


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9 thoughts on “What Will People Think? – Book Review

  1. There is a powerful message to be had here. If people had self-confidence then they wouldn’t care what others think. However, most don’t. It took me 25 years to find my way back to writing because everyone told me I would never make it. Instead of letting me find out for myself, I was led into a very unhappy life.
    I do not do this with my child.

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  2. I think I will pass on this one, but I sure did enjoy reading the review–great job! Your blog is soooo beautiful: the colors, the photos, the “cleverness.” I am I’m-pressed!

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      1. I haven’t been anywhere, but I have had to cut back due to the “Texas Crud,” a form of bronchial infection. We old(er) folks have to guard against anything developing into pneumonia! LOL Seriously, if I have to skip a post or two, or park them somewhere until I have time to look at them, don’t take offense.
        Luv U

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